Looking for translation of an Assamese song

Hello all,
Firstly, I am sorry if this is not related to what this forum is about. I got here searching for someone from assam who could help me out of interest in translating and explaining me the meaning of an Assamese song that I heard.

I am Abhishek Ruikar. I am from Thane, Maharashtra. I heard this song 'Xora Phool' by Angaraag Mahanta 'Papon' about two years ago and did not know which song it was. Being a non-assamese, I couldn't understand the words and hence did not know what to search for. I searched on the internet for long and finally found the song on YouTube.
The YouTube link to the song is https://youtu.be/HyRIySB7hg4
The is video contains the Assamese lyrics (not sure if those are right).

I am dying to know the meaning of the song. It would be very helpful if someone could help me out with the translated lyrics in Hindi or English.

Thanks a lot !